Selection of SolarEdge power optimizer and inverter

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SolarEdge offers its latest cuttingedge technology to wide variety of customers from residential to commercial building owners. Offering ranges from 1kW till the maximum required or possible to install.

With wide range of selection, it’s very essential to choose the right power optimizer and inverter combination. It is decided based on the building requirement and size of the system needed.

There are typically two types of inverters we look at in rooftop segment. Single phase inverter and Three phase inverter. In single phase, we have Compact technology and HD Wave technology. Whereas, in three phase we have normal three phase inverters and Synergy technology. Single phase inverters range between 1-5kW where as three phase inverters are greater than or equal to 5kW.

Below chart gives overview details about the selection of optimizers possible for respective inverters.

Selection of Power Optimizer based on Inverter size

Inverter and Optimizer combination

Each of the inverter and the optimizers listed above have certain limitations in terms of string length. These factors are important to be considered as cables are designed for certain wattages based on the system size.

Following chart explains the minimum number of optimizers needed and maximum wattage each string is capable of.

Selection of Power Optimizer for Inverter

String length

**With P730 – For SE27.6k, SE55k, SE82.8k: It is allowed to install upto 13,500W per string when there are 3 strings connected to the inverter. The maximum power difference between the strings is upto 2000W

**For SE27.6k the maximum inverter DC power is 37,250W

**No optimizer listed in the above table can be mixed in same string.

For data sheets of the inverter and optimizer

With the help of SolarEdge designer tool, it is possible to do optimal design and create a generation report for the sytem to be proposed. Use of this tool helps in reducing the installation cost, time and at the same time increases the reliability.

About Sunlit Future

Sunlit Future with an experience of more than two decades also are distributors of SolarEdge power optimizer technology products. We offer technical support in terms of design, installation and commission of the system for the partners. Our aim is to provide quality installation to gain optimal generation of the system.

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