Social Impact Partners

Gram Vikas is a non-governmental organization based in Odisha and is working with rural communities of India and Africa. It’s name literally means “Village development” and it carries through various programs of water and sanitation, social housing and education. The NGO has been in partnership with Sunlit future for more than ten years.

Haritika is a non-governmental organization based in Madhya Pradesh. Since 1994, it enables rural poor communities to be self-reliant. They are trying to achieve this through sustainable management of natural resources and infrastructure development to improve the villagers’ quality of life.

Harsha trust is a non-profit organization that intervenes in rural areas of Odisha to work on human development and promote sustainable livelihoods in backward communities. The organization brings qualified professionals and selects only difficult to access regions to push forward the development agenda.

Khoj « society for people’s education » aims to empower women through education, a determining factor of women’s discrimination. The organization helps underdeveloped communities to improve their lives, especially focusing on women and children.

Maitri is a group of volunteers raising funds to improve the living conditions of the Korkus tribal located in Maharashtra. The NGO focuses on health, primary education and sustainable living.

Pragati Pratishthan is a non government organization which aims to improve the life of rural communities in Jawhar Tehsil, where 83% of the population lives below the poverty line, through various programs concerning energy, education, agriculture and handicapped rehabilitation.

Tata Trust, founded by the Tata group over a 100 years ago, is one of India’s oldest philanthropic organizations. It aims to improve the lives of rural communities by introducing grants, developing partnerships and directly implementing projects in sectors such as education, water, energy, rural upliftment and urban poverty alleviation.

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