Church of South India Synod, Chennai

Church of South India Synod, Chennai

About Church of South India

The Church of South India (CSI) is the second largest Christian church in India based on the number of members and is result of union of Anglican and number of Protestant churches in South India.

The Church of South India is the successor of a number of Anglican and Protestant denominations in India, including the Church of England, the British Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland after Indian Independence.

The CSI synod consists of bishops of 24 dioceses, presbyters and layman (both men and women) who are elected from the respective diocesan councils to the synod. The synod members will elect the apex body consisting of a Moderator, Deputy Moderator, general secretary and Treasurer. The Moderator is the spiritual and administrative head of the Church.

Why Solar

With a lot of visitors coming to be part of the church proceedings the guest house in CSI Synod is mostly full. With increasing visitors, building consumption is constantly increasing resulting in high electricity bills.

CSI Synod had decided on solar rooftop system while wondering about solving the high electricity bills.  They had approached Sunlit Future to install rooftop solar grid-tied systems on the guest house. It also inspires the visitors to consider sustainable solutions.

About the project

A total of 100.56kW solar rooftop system was installed on the rooftop of the CSI-Synod.

CSI Synod had decided to go for the SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters rather than traditional string inverters to have a higher solar yield and greater savings.

These products aim to increase energy output through module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and also provide module-level remote monitoring via the SolarEdge monitoring web portal and mobile app.

Complete system was connected with help of a Modbus meter which enables zero export option. As the building have equally high day time loads, they have considered to use Modbus meter till they get a bidirectional meter from the utility grid company.

It also captures the load of the complete building which helps in finding out the consumption patterns of the building.

Project Details

Location Whites Road, Chennai
Owner Church of South India, Synod
Capacity 100.64kW
Number of panels (370 Watts) 272
Type of panels Mono-crystalline
Orientation ~South at angle 10°
Structure Ganges
Inverter 27.6kVA SolarEdge (3 units)
Average units per day 422.7 kWh
Average units per year 1,54,281 kWh
Date of commissioning 24th May, 2019

Generation & Savings

100kWp of Solar rooftop system on CSI Synod building is saving them about Rs.90,500/month by generating about 12,000 kWh/month on an average.

Installation specifications

370Watt Mono crystalline modules were used on this system manufactured by Waaree Energies.

Complete project was installed on the flat roof with the help of Ganges structure at an angle of 10 degrees facing towards the south direction. Considering the height of the building, inorder to avoid high winds, structure was designed to be close to the floor.

Safe walkways were provided ensuring seamless maintenance of the system. Cables were routed through UPVC pipes providing safety from external factors like weather, insects etc.

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