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On grid system

On grid systems are the most common solar PV installations

  • The system is connected to the utility grid
  • The solar panels generate direct current (DC)
  • The inverter transforms direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC)
  • Power first satisfies the connected load
  • The excess power is exported to the grid
  • Power is imported from the grid when the requirement is higher than the solar generation (or at night)
  • No batteries are required

Off grid system

  • The off grid system is 100% independent from the utility grid.
  • It requires batteries
  • The Charge controller protects the batteries from overcharging
  • Inverter transforms direct current into alternating current power source
  • Power is used for the dedicated load
  • Excess power is stored in the battery bank for later domestic use

Hybrid solar system

  • Connected to the utility grid and requires a battery bank
  • The hybrid charge controller protects the batteries from overcharging
  • A battery bank stores power for use when the grid isn’t available
  • A hybrid inverter turns DC into AC
  • Inverter satisfies dedicated load
  • Excess power generated by solar exported to the grid
  • A bi-directional meter calculates the net energy based on the import and the export

Water pumps

  • Combined with solar panels
  • Can run on both DC from solar panels and single phase power supply
  • Various models are available with heads from 15 m to 120 m, according to your needs
  • Voltage range from 30 to 300 VDC
  • No batteries required
  • Equipped with a sensor that protects the pump from a dry run
  • Connected to a data logger to monitor your solar pump system (optional)
  • Customized mounting structures for the solar PV modules
  • The solar setup is designed according to your needs


  • Ecofriendly
  • Answer to water and electricity scarcity
  • Adapted to rural and semi-urban regions
  • High quality and long lasting
  • No utility connection is required
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to install
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