Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

About Kalasalingam University

Located at the pristine foothills of the scenic Western Ghats, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE) was established in 1984. The University caters to students from all walks of life through its undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

They have elaborate infrastructure spread over 320 acres. It is the first university in India to introduce a special B. Tech programme in engineering for the differently-abled (speech and hearing impaired) students.

Kalasalingam Academy achieved 4th rank in Green Metric Rankings in 2018 with their various green initiatives.

Why Solar

The University Board of this progressive and conscientious university had been troubled by their high electricity bills . Thus, it unanimously decided to opt for solar energy to power their campus.

It also helps them in promoting green initiatives across the campus in various departments and inspire future generations graduating from the campus. They had approached Sunlit Future to install rooftop solar grid-tied systems on the campus in phases.

About the project

So far there was 503kW solar was installed on the various buildings of the institute in three phases.

In the 1st phase of going solar, a 96.48kW rooftop solar grid-tied system was commissioned on 18 May 2017. The University decided to go for the SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters rather than traditional string inverters to have a higher solar yield and greater savings.

These products aim to increase energy output through module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and also provide module-level remote monitoring via the SolarEdge monitoring web portal and mobile app as shown in the gallery below.

Highly satisfied with the quality of the installation, the solar generation and the service, Kalasalingam University approached Sunlit Future for the II nd phase of its drive for rooftop solar and commissioned another 144kW in IInd phase.

Catering to the needs of their energy and reducing the electricity bills, another 263.2 kW solar PV system was installed and commissioned later in October, 2018.

Project Details

Location Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu
Owner Kalasalingam University
Capacity 503.68kW
Number of panels (330 Watts) 360
Number of panels (335 Watts) 288
Number of panels (350 Watts) 824
Type of panels Mono-crystalline
Orientation ~South at angle 10°
Structure Pre fabricated
Inverter 27.6kVA SolarEdge (7 units)

55.4kVA SolarEdge (4 units)

Average units per day 2,065 kWh
Average units per year 7,53,757 kWh
Date of commissioning (Phase I – 96.48kW) 18th May, 2017
Date of commissioning (Phase II – 144kW) 28th May, 2017
Date of commissioning (Phase III – 263.2kW) 04th October, 2018

Generation & Savings

With 503.68 kWp solar rooftop system on various buildings in Kalasalaingam university, it contributes to savings of about Rs.4,10,000/month. This system generated about 63,162 kWh/month on an average every month.

Installation specifications

All the three phases of the project were installed on the flat roof with the help of pre fabricated cement ballast structure made of Aluminium. This structure helps in corrossion free and long durability of the system.

Safe walkways were provided ensuring seamless maintenance of the system. Cables were routed through UPVC pipes providing safety from external factors like weather, insects etc.

Project Gallery

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