Harsha Trust

Harsha Trust was started by a diverse group of professionals in 2002 with an aim to ensure the livelihood security and improve the quality of life of rural poor in Odisha. Their focus is to promote technology led and market driven interventions primarily through community-based organizations. The organization has deliberately chosen to work in difficult-to-access regions where the development machinery of the State has not yet reached. Over the past 10 years, they have demonstrated several models of sustainable livelihood to stop out-migration and enable people to develop within their circumstances.

Sunlit Future has provided more than sixty solar pumping solutions for Harsha Trust, impacting the lives of around 30,000 people.

These projects were specially challenging for Sunlit Future as the sites were extremely difficult to access. The projects demanded meticulous planning to ensure all the materials were in place and the infrastructure ready for installation.

Harsha Trust was also an important partner in the ‘100 pumps, 100 villages’ project of Grundfos Foundation and Sunlit Future. Through this project, we installed solar pumps in twenty-eight villages that are supported by Harsha Trust.

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