Dr. Mohanty’s house

Project Background

In the sunny town of Puducherry, South India, Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, an expert in the field of energy, has been striving to reduce his family’s dependence on fossil fuels and to transition towards renewable energy. He started with a 900W off-grid solar system in 2001. However, this system put several restrictions on how they could use their home appliances and was expensive to maintain due to the constant maintenance and replacement required by the batteries. After the Government of Puducherry initiated the net metering scheme, he approached Sunlit Future to install a 3kW rooftop on-grid solar system.

Before commissioning the system in the end of September 2011, Dr. Mohanty introduced LED lamps and energy efficient fans and other household appliances in his house. These measures lowered the energy consumption of the house by as much as 40%-50%!

Sunlit Future, Auroville, designed, constructed and performs maintenance of this site. With more than 1.5MW of on-grid solar energy plants installed or under contract in India, Sunlit Future has the experience and capacities for design, procurement, integration, management, installation and maintenance of solar energy applications and servives.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Dr. Mohanty has opted for a remote monitoring system to record the performance of the solar system and measure the benefits accrued by this approach. In 2015, the solar system generated 4,821kWh of electricity, which was 20% more than the energy needs of the house!

This data has been shared with key policymakers to promote solar energy in the State.

Address Puducherry, India
Type of System On Grid
Solar System Capacity 3kW
Solar panels 18
Orientation South
Inverter SMA
Average Monthly Generation 400 units
Date of commissioning September, 2011
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