Sri Aurobindo Ashram Printing Press

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Printing Press was built in 1945 and all the books of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are printed there. As part of its initiative to adopt renewable energy to power its buildings, the Ashram approached Sunlit Future to design and install a solar energy system to cater to the daily energy needs of the printing press.

Sunlit Future designed and installed a 50kW roof-top solar grid-tied system for this building that would take care of about 75% of the building’s energy needs (300 units/day). The system was inaugurated and commissioned by the Chief Secretary of Pondicherry, in June 2017.
The system has been designed in such a way that its cumulative solar generation matches closely to the cumulative load over the course of the day. The following graph shows the result on a typical day:

Location Puducherry
Owner Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Capacity 50.16kW
Number of panels 152
Type of Panels Mono-crystalline
Panel Wattage 330
Orientation East-West
Inverter 30kW + 15kW
Average units per day 210
Average units per year 76,650
Date of commissioning June 2017
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