Shanthi Gears

Project Background

Shanthi Gears, headquartered in Coimbatore, is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial gears in India. They commenced operations in 1969 and are now a public limited company on the Indian Stock Exchange.

Due to their scale of operation, they have a demand for energy running into megawatts. This huge energy demand results in substantial electricity bills and significant impact on the environment. So they decided to harness the potential of solar energy to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. After successfully having a 99kW solar plant installed in the first phase in 2015, the company added another 103.8kW of solar PV capacity to their rooftop in 2016.

Sunlit Future, Auroville, designed, constructed and performs maintenance of these site. With more than 1.5MW of on-grid solar energy plants installed or under contract in India, Sunlit Future has the experience and capacities for design, procurement, integration, management, installation and maintenance of solar energy applications and services.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Since every 1kW produces 4 units of electricity, after the installation Shanthi Gears is using 400 units of electricity via solar energy, which, in turn, means they are saving Rs.3000 daily, and in other words, saving Rs.10 lakhs annually, and reducing its equivalent environmental impact.

Phase I

Location Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Owner Shanthi Gears Limited
Capacity 99.4kW
Number of panels 414
Type of panels Poly-crystalline
Panel Wattage 240W
Orientation East-West
Inverter 30kW (3 units)
Average units per day 420
Average units per year 1,53,300
Date of commissioning January, 2014

Phase II

Location Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Owner Shanthi Gears Limited
Capacity 103.8kW
Number of panels 392
Type of panels Poly-crystalline
Panel Wattage 265W
Orientation East-West
Inverter 50kW (2 units)
Average units per day 440
Average units per year 1,60,600
Date of commissioning June, 2016
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