Rangers Factory

Project Background

Sunlit future in partnership with EcoSoch Solar has installed a 391 kW on-grid Solar PV system at Rangers Factory, an apparels manufacturer in Bangalore.

Generally, an on-grid system stops generating electricity when there is a power cut. This factory has diesel generators as back up. So during power cuts, the diesel generators send a reference voltage and frequency, matching the grid, to the solar inverters. This helps power the inverters. Once the inverters are switched on, the load is supplied by both the solar panels and the diesel generators, running at a low RPM. This reduces the diesel usually needed to run the factory when the grid isn’t available. This is the first of its kind solar system in Karnataka.

Capacity 391 kW
Type of roof Corrugated and flat
Number of panels 1242
Orientation North-South
Type of panels Poly-crystalline
Panel Wattage 315 W
No.of Inverters 13
Inverter Capacity 25 kW Schneider
Average units per day 1560
Average units per year 5,69,400
Date of commissioning July, 2016
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