Sri Aurobindo Ashram – New Guest House

Project Background

New guest house of Sri Aurobindo Ashram is located in Romain Rolland St of White Town area in Puducherry.

Guest house serves by providing stay to the visitor visiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram and tourists visiting Puducherry. Need of energy had increased resulting in high electricity bills. Sunlit Future team had done the site survey and installed a 33.6 kWp solar rooftop system using Waaree make modules each rated 330W and one poweroptimizer  made from SolarEdge connected to two modules. The optimized DC output is later connected to the SolarEdge inverter converting the optimized DC output into AC.

Modules are installed on flat roof using pre fabricated structure made of Aluminium ensuring corrossion free structures.

The output of each of these panels is being monitored at optimizer level making it easier with respect to maintenance.

Sunlit Future, Auroville, designed, constructed and performs maintenance of this site. With more than 5MW of on-grid solar energy plants installed or under contract in India, Sunlit Future has the experience and capacities for design, procurement, integration, management, installation and maintenance of solar energy applications and services.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

With the in built optimizer level remote monitoring, daily generation of the system is tracked. It helps us track the generation patterns helping us analyse the need of maintenance.

Not just the maintenance aspects, but it also gives us the amount of generation, CO2 saved, money saved. This system had generated 104.92 MWh of energy till August 20th 2019 from the date of commission saving about Rs. 7.45 lakhs, 41,130 kgs of CO2. It is also equivalent to planting about 137 trees.

Location Puducherry
Owner New Guest House, Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Capacity 33.6 kW
Number of panels 102
Orientation South
Type of panels Poly-crystalline
Panel Wattage 330
Orientation South-facing
Inverter capacity 27.6 kW
Average units per day 135
Average units per year 49,275
Date of commissioning September 09th, 2019
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