Doveton Group of Schools

Project Background

Captain John Doveton was a decorated soldier in the British Army and he played a significant role in the British campaigns of Afghanistan, Mysore and Central India.

He was keen to support the education of the Indian community, and he willed £50,000 for the formation of the Doveton Corrie Schools, Chennai, and Doveton College, Kolkata.

Now, the Doveton Group of Schools is recognized as a premier institution in Chennai and is taking bold measures to adopt renewable energy.

On 1st October 2016, the school commissioned a 34kW roof-top solar on-grid system to adopt a green model and inspire the next generation to do the same.

Sunlit Future, Auroville, designed, constructed and performs maintenance of this site. With more than 1.5MW of on-grid solar energy plants installed or under contract in India, Sunlit Future has the experience and capacities for design, procurement, integration, management, installation and maintenance of solar energy applications and services.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

In its first year, the solar power plant at the school has generated 38,740kWh of electricity, thus reducing the campus’ electricity bill by 65%. This also resulted in saving 15.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the first year; an impact that will certainly help create awareness about renewable energy among the students there.

Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Owner Doveton Group of Schools
Solar PV Capacity 34kW
Number of panels 102
Type of panels Poly-crystalline
Panel Wattage 330W
Orientation North-South
Inverter Capacity 30
Average units per day 106
Average units per year 38,740
Date of commissioning 1st October, 2016
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