About Us

Sunlit Future is an integrated service provider bringing high quality renewable energy solutions to both rural and urban India.It is based in Auroville, an international township built around a society trying to lead a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

Inspired by the abundance of energy provided by the natural source – the Sun, Sunlit Future aims at fusing solar energy technologies into the daily lifestyle of urban and rural India to effectuate an environmental and social impact.

The company was founded in 2010, while its key members have been actively involved in experimentation and research on solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies and products since the late 1990s.

Over the years, we have built trust and credibility among our clients and we now specialize in providing high quality customized rooftop solar energy solutions for homes, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial buildings, large-scale factories and rural communities. We have installed over 1.5MW of solar on-grid systems and have more than 3.5MW of installed rooftop solar PV capacity in India.

As part of our social responsibility, we have installed over 300 solar pumping systems in different villages of Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. These solar pumps are primarily used for supplying drinking water and for irrigation and have benefited the lives of over 1 lakh people.

From our years of experience in the solar sector, we:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction through proactive support
  • Facilitate one-on-one discussions to work out the best solution
  • Offer expert advice in the fast changing technological environment
  • Provide customized end-to-end solutions to suit the client’s requirement
  • Ensure rapid, efficient and seamless Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning of solar photovoltaic solutions
  • Offer state of the art high-quality products for aesthetically designed systems
  • Provide remote monitoring solutions and a prompt maintenance service

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are strongly committed to play our role in creating a better and brighter tomorrow by:

  • Addressing environmental concerns by providing sustainable and economically beneficial solutions for homes and businesses
  • Promoting community engagement by actively supporting the local community through projects that aid their development
  • Striving to satisfy our clients and working to provide customized solutions that are most suitable to their requirement
  • Following ethical, fair and transparent business practices while dealing with our clients and business partners
  • Empathizing and addressing the concerns of our employees and encouraging them to contribute ideas, take initiative and collaborate on projects
  • Creating a healthy and safe work environment for our employees