Volunteering & Internship at Sunlit Future
If you are a student interested in the field of solar energy, the environment, green practices, social science or graphic design then there is lots to experience at Sunlit Future. A minimum of 2 months’ time is required to intern or volunteer with us.


Training & Mentorship at Sunlit Future

If you are a professional interested in starting your own business and are looking for hands-on experience or want to send your team for training then contact us.


To know more about working in Auroville, you may also contact SAVI. It is a doorway for new learning for students, researchers and professionals of all countries eager to experience Auroville.


The general services offered by Savi include:

  • Information and advice to prepare your stay, before arrival to India,
  • Research of hosting units/places, volunteering assignments, workshops and courses,
  • Assistance for visa applications for non-Indians,
  • Welcome and registration when arriving in Auroville
  • Introductory seminar to discover and understand Auroville
  • Educational support and follow-up of students and volunteers
  • Final appraisal of the experience in Auroville