solar street lights


Solar powered street lights are ideal for villages, institutions, industries and housing colonies where lighting is required across small areas with regularity and reliability. Street lights that can function independently off the grid are a crucial need for small towns and remote villages of India.

Sunlit Future installed solar lights on the streets of the international township of Auroville. These lights are highly efficient, durable and require little maintenance.

  • Panel Holder – Designed to deflect damage from below. Provides all-around anchoring to withstand cyclones
  • Battery Box – Designed to reduce temperature by 12 degrees celsius. Theft and vandalism resistant
  • LED Luminare – Automatic operation from dusk to dawn
  • Structure – Anti-corrosive innovative tripod legs for high stability and strength
  • Foundation – 1m deep reinforced concrete foundation. Bolted base allows for servicing or future dismantling

We provide a total solutions package that includes site inspection, product customisation, installation and post-sale maintenance.

Why would you opt for solar street lighting?

  • Regular light independent of the grid
  • No electricity bills to pay – add up the savings
  • Automatic operation – save on manpower
  • Eco friendly and sustainable

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